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Daisies (PG) Dawn

Title: Daisies
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing/Characters: Dawn
Warnings:  A little bit of angst maybe?
Rating: PG
Prompt: #335- Perfume @ tamingthemuse
A/N: Unbeta'd.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys. Joss won't let me have them. Bad Joss. Grrr...

Summary: Everybody has a talent. Even Dawn.

This fic was nominated at Absence of Light Awards


Everyone has a talent. Something that sets them apart from the crowd, makes them special and unique. For some, its singing. For others, its art. For Dawn Summers, its theft.

When she started, back at the beginning of June, she had been so nervous. Now she could walk into any store in town and
walk away with a shiny new something to add to her collection.

Once or twice, she'd nearly been caught. There was a nasty moment where the bottle of perfume she'd been about to lift slipped from her grasp and shattered on the floor. She had been lucky that the store security guard had rushed outside to help with an 'animal attack'.
Demons, it seemed, could be useful. Dawn had slipped away in the confusion.

That had been one of the earlier times. Since then, she had become skillful in her new hobby. What she stole depended on her mood. On the bad days, the days when it really hit home that Buffy and Joyce were dead, Dawn would hit the better stores, finding ways of getting designer clothes out of the shops without anyone batting an eyelid. On the better days, she would only take for the sake of being able to. A Twinkie for Xander, lipstick for herself... Little things that didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Only one thing made her feel guilt. A single theft amongst many. On a grey, overcast day, Dawn stole flowers. The flower shop had bunches of yellow daisies in a stand by the door. They caught Dawn's eye and before she had even realised what she was doing, she was already walking away, flower's clutched tightly in her hand.

They looked out of place, though- too bright under the threat of rain. Besides, her mom wouldn't want stolen flowers anyway. Dawn swept the obscenely cheerful blooms away and dropped them in the gutter somewhere between the cemetery and Revello Drive.

The next day, Dawn returned to the flower shop, and took another bunch of yellow daisies, leaving the money for them on the counter.

There was no guilt. The colourful petals didn't look out of place like they had done less than 24 hours earlier. Dawn sat by her mother's grave
and silently begged forgiveness until darkness fell, and self-preservation shepherded her home.

Wow, that just made me want to hug Dawn to pieces. I lost my mom over twenty years ago and I still miss her, especially at this time of year.

On a happier note, I saw you worked in a Twinkie - I wonder what Xander did with it? ;)

*hugs* Christmas s hard for anyone that's lost someone they love, especially a parent.

Thanks for reading. I'm sure Xander enjoyed his Twinkie ;)

Incredibly sad. I really loved your focus on Dawn and her cleptomania. I don't know much about the compulsion to steal, but it feels understandible in your fic. And the image of yellow flowers is beautiful.

Thank you. I don't often write pieces about Dawn, so its great to know that you enjoyed it :)

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Yay! :D This has made my day :)

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I sent you a message about judging - you'd indicated an interest in our poll a while ago, so I was wondering if you'd received it? And if so, are you available???


Re: You've been Nominated at The Absence of Light Awards!


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Hey :) I've just checked, and yes, I got the email, but it went to the wrong folder :S Sorry about that...

And yes, I am available for judging :)

Congratulations on the win, sweetie - and thank you for friending! I've just friended back *hugs*

Bless this fic. Dawn is my favorite Whedonverse character and it is always so nice to see her treated with respect in a fic.

I love how haunting this is. "Dawn had slipped away in the confusion." And the repeated image of Dawn being ignored, unnoticed - it is so easy to take when no one is looking, when there are more important things to see.

And congratulations on winning an award for this. Very greatly deserved.


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